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November 5, 2011
Dear Coach/GM,
The New England Pro-Am Hockey League is proud to announce that it will once again be conducting its’ Annual International Pre-Draft Showcase at both Iorio Arena in Walpole, MA, the Foxboro Sports Center in Foxboro, MA, as well as the Canton SportsPlex in Canton, Massachusetts.
The Dates for the Pre-Draft Showcase are May 4th, 5th, & 6th, 2012.
This year there will be a total of 60 teams with 15 Brackets of four teams each. The winner of each Bracket will advance to the playoff rounds on Sunday.
All teams will be guaranteed three games within their bracket. The first three games will consist of two twenty-five minute stop-time periods while the playoff rounds will consist of one (1) thirty-minute stop-time period. Sudden Death and Shootouts will be used only during the playoff rounds. There are no overtimes during the first three rounds. A maximum of four games could be played on Sunday to determine the Champion.
Game Officials will be assigned by Paul Stewart, former NHL Referee and presently assigner of officials for the ECAC, and each game will have a Certified Trainer on hand as well. All players must be born in 1992 or after. NO player born in 1991 will be allowed to participate.
All Rosters are able to have a maximum of 20 skaters which includes two goaltenders. Please do not submit a roster without two goaltenders as they will not be accepted. If you do not have two goaltenders on your bench at the start of any game, and your goaltender gets injured and is unable to continue, the game will be an IMMEDIATE FORFEIT. You cannot borrow a goaltender from another team, from in the stands, or dress any of your players not in goalkeepers equipment. You may use two players born in 1996 if you wish. However, neither of these players can be a goaltender. All games will be recorded in Real Time once again through LeagueStat and all games will be insured through the AIG Insurance Company. We will also assist placing your team in one of our Full Service First Class Hotels.
Cost for the Pre-Draft Showcase will once again be $2,000 US. We absolutely will not accept any Checks or Money Orders NOT in United States Funds. We do not accept Credit Cards.
Thank You and I look forward to hearing back from you at your earliest convenience.
Mike O’Connell/Director/NEPAHL